How To Apply For Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 : Last Date to Apply

How To Apply For Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024. The Karnataka Government has started the “Yuva Nidhi Scheme karnataka” to help educated young people in the state who don’t have jobs. This program aims to give them money so they can support themselves and not have to rely on others for financial help.

The registration for this scheme starts on December 26, and the government has allotted Rs. 250 crores for Yuva Nidhi.

New Update: On December 26, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah introduced the registration for the ‘Yuva Nidhi’ scheme in Bengaluru. This is the fifth and final poll guarantee, providing unemployment assistance to graduates and diploma holders.

Starting from January 12, which is celebrated as national youth day in honor of Swamy Vivekananda’s birth anniversary, the government will begin distributing allowances to eligible individuals.

Monthly Financial Assistance of Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 :

Through the Yuva Nidhi Scheme, qualified individuals will get money every month directly deposited into their bank accounts using Direct Bank Transfer (DBT). This financial support will last until they find a job or for a maximum of two years, whichever happens first.

Benefit Amount of Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 :

  • Unemployed youth in Karnataka who finished their degree or diploma in 2022-2023 will receive financial support from the government.
  • Graduates will get Rs. 3,000 per month, and diploma pass-outs will receive Rs. 1,500 per month.
  • The assistance begins six months after graduation or diploma completion if they are still unemployed.
  • The support will stop after two years or once they find employment within this time frame.

Eligibility Criteria of Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 :

The Yuva Nidhi Scheme is for people in Karnataka who meet the following conditions:

  1. Live in Karnataka.
  2. Finished their degree or diploma in 2022-2023.
  3. Haven’t found a job within six months of completing their studies.
  4. Can’t apply if already getting benefits from similar schemes.
  5. Not eligible if currently studying, getting apprentice salaries, or working in the private or government sectors.
  6. If self-employed and took loans from state, central schemes, or banks, they can’t apply.
  7. Need to link Aadhaar to their bank account to get benefits from this scheme.

Required Documents Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 :

To apply for the Yuva Nidhi Scheme, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Proof of residence
  3. Income certificate
  4. Educational qualification documents
  5. Bank account details

Beneficiary Status of Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 :

The government will post the list of people who will benefit from the Yuva Nidhi Scheme on its official website. After applying for the scheme, individuals can check whether they are beneficiaries by visiting the Seva Sindhu Guarantee Schemes Portal.

Benefits of Yuva nidhi scheme karnataka 2024 :

The Yuva Nidhi Scheme in Karnataka is helping young people in several ways:

  1. Graduates and diploma holders get monthly money when they don’t have a job.
  2. The money goes straight to their bank accounts, so they can use it for their needs.
  3. They keep getting support until they find a job or for up to two years, which helps them become financially independent and stable.

Step by Step Guide to Apply for Yuva Nidhi Scheme Karnataka 2024 :

Step 1: Visit website for Yuva Nidhi Scheme Karnataka 2023-24

Step 2: Log in the Portal using your mobile number

Step 3: A Official page will come in front of you, now click on Menu on your left side

Step 4: Then click on Apply for Services & View all available Services

Step 5: Search “Yuva Nidhi scheme” in the search bar on your right side . Click on the given link

Step 6 : Click on Yes to Proceed Further

Step 7: Fill all the necessary fields, agree the terms & conditions and Enter OTP

Step 8: Click on Get Aadhar Details

Step 9: Fill all the Application details required

Step 10: Fill all the education details required

Step 11 : Fill the Domicile Verification & Communication Details

Step 12: Finally click on submit button & take a print of the application

FAQs of Yuva Nidhi Scheme Karnataka 2024

Q 1. Who is eligible for the Yuva Nidhi Scheme in Karnataka?

The scheme is exclusively for Kannadigas (domiciled in Karnataka) who have been unemployed for at least 6 months after completing their graduation or diploma.

Q2. What is the monthly allowance provided under the Yuva Nidhi Scheme?

Unemployed graduates receive Rs.3000 per month, while unemployed diploma holders receive Rs.1500 per month for a maximum period of two years.

Q3. How can applicants apply for the Yuva Nidhi Scheme?

Applicants can apply online through the Seva Sindhu portal by logging in with their mobile number, filling out the required information, and uploading necessary documents.

Q4. What are the consequences of misdeclaration or failure to report employment after receiving benefits?

Independent verification of unemployment status is conducted, and any misdeclaration or failure to report employment may result in penalties.

Q5. Is there a deadline for applying to the Yuva Nidhi Scheme in Karnataka?

The online application started on December 26, 2023, and the last date for submission will be updated soon. It is advisable to check the official website for the most accurate information.

Conclusion of Yuva Nidhi Scheme Karnataka

Karnataka Yuva Nidhi Scheme is a great effort by the government to help unemployed graduates and diploma holders. The goal is to support Kannadigas and promote economic independence. If you want to benefit from this program, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines. The scheme aims to help young people during unemployment and shows the government’s dedication to helping the youth for better economic opportunities. If you’re interested, make sure to follow the steps provided to have a chance at benefiting from this initiative.

Overview of Yuva Nidhi Scheme Karnataka

Scholarship idCPGS23122600001
Scheme NameYuva Nidhi Scheme Karnataka 2023
Scheme Open forBoys & Girls
Scheme Offered byGovernment of Karnataka
Who can Apply ?Unemployed Graduates / Diploma Holders
Fellowship AmountGraduates- Rs.3000/- per month
Diploma – Rs.1500/- per month
Last Date to ApplyAnnounced Soon
Application LinkClick Here To Apply